When it comes to long island dog training, there are some very extreme tools on the market these days. From infrared fences to dog training clickers, there seem to be new gimmicks all the time. One of the more controversial items available are shock collars. To some, dog shock collars may seem ineffective or cruel. On the other hand, many long island dog trainers swear by shock collars, and use them for professional training purposes. Are you thinking of using a shock collar? In the following post, we will go over the pros and cons of the shock collar so that you may come to an informed decision.

Scientific Reports


First, we should point out that even scientific testing seems to be on the fence about shock collars. Many reports that have been released over the last several years seem to contradict themselves. Some reports claim that shock collars can be painful to your pup, while others say that they are only slightly unpleasant, like a tap on the behind. Many scientists, however,  have come to the conclusion that dog shock collars are harmless for dogs.

Pros of Shock Collars for Dogs

Over the past several years, there have been many updates made to the shock collar. There are now several varieties on the market, so depending on what you want the collar for, there are many options. That being said, below are some of the most typical “pros” for shock collars.


  • Both the design and engineering of shock collars have greatly improved over the last decade, giving an updated product. Sometimes this means that new collars come with a greater range of electrical shocks and distance. Some collars also have new and improved settings like a vibrating only and tone only mode. For these new features, the wider range of stimulation levels enables pet owners to find the “right” settings for each dog, the level that the dog will respect, yet one that is humane and not fear inducing.
  • Many well known professional dog trainer long island have been using shock collars for years on very stable and harmless dogs.
  • Dog shock devices are only used few hours a month at most for training purposes and never to abuse the dog.
  • Shock collars are meant to get the dog’s attention very quickly and get the desired results fast. Stubborn and aggressive dogs that wouldn’t take “no” as an answer, remote collars are an additional incentive to stop unwanted behaviours
  • A shock collar can improve the off-leash recall and training, which is much safer for the dog.
  • Companies manufacturing these remote electric collars now use safety devices to stop the correction after only a few seconds.

Cons of Dog Shock Collars
Of course, there are some concerns about the use of shock collars for dog training as well. Whether your concern is safety of your dog, or emotional response, there are some cons that you should consider.


  • Some studies have shown that electrical shock waves tend to cause a stress response in dogs, as per their cortisol levels as well as heart rate.
  • Concerns have been raised over the way dog handlers and owners unintentionally use the dog shock collars, sometimes incorrectly. It is possible for an owner to incorrectly set the shock collar’s level or strength of correction, so it is very important that you understand what level is correct for your dog.
  • If you are using a shock collar to correct certain feelings your dog has, it may actually backfire on you. For example, if you are using a shock collar to reduce, anxiety, depression, or barking, the wrong collar or the wrong setting could actually intensify these behaviors.
  • Malfunctions of training collars could allegedly be deadly.
  • Pain tolerance is different in each dog, so it is vital that you know your dog’s threshold for pain, and set your shock collar appropriately.

Is the Shock Collar Right For You?

Ultimately, only you can answer this question, as you know your dog best. At the end of the day, the shock collar debate is more about people’s beliefs and ideology than about facts. Much of the debate is also contributed to how the collar is used for dog training. The collars are not painful when used correctly, but they can indeed be unpleasant to your pup. Consider the facts, and feel free to consult with long island dog training company anytime for further information on the use of shock collars.

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